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Question about our bags

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Are your bags biodegradable?
In terms of our current bag range, the OPP (Oriented polypropylene) bags.

We are keeping our eyes open to locate alternative options but for now, there really aren’t any suitable for the use our bags are put to, which is customers needing clear bags they can see their product through. The current "alternatives” (more about them below) are like steam fogged up glasses at best.

Our bags are made of polypropylene and are not bio-degradable.

We quite often get asked for true cellophane bags and though cellophane is made from plants and technically biodegradable, Cellophane production requires toxic carbon disulphide. Also, cellophane could end up releasing methane, a powerful global-warming gas, if lodged in a landfill that lacks a methane recovery system. With that in mind, cellophanes limited shelf life and it not being as clear, for us it is not a suitable alternative.

People searching for our bags tend to use the term cellophane. "cellophane" has become a generalised term, and is often used informally to refer to a wide variety of plastic film products, even those not made of cellulose.

PLA another alternative, again technically biodegradable, has similar issues. It requires very stringent conditions for bio degrading to occur, not something your standard average backyard compost system would be capable of providing. Without those conditions it will sit there for decades or centuries, much like any ordinary plastic. To get the right conditions for bio degrading of PLA to occur, requires industrial composting equipment, sorely lacking in our country but also something that is a very energy intense process.

Hopefully someone is able to invent a viable solution in the near future.

Some further reading.
Biodegradable bags do not break down in marine environments at all. Plus they still look like a jellyfish to a turtle, so can be just as harmful as traditional plastic bags if they are disposed of thoughtlessly.

4. Biodegradable plastics cannot be recycled in NZ.
Biodegradable plastics are designed to break down or ‘degrade’ which means they can’t be recycled in our current recycling systems in New Zealand. Never put these plastics in your recycling bin!

You don't have the size I want, can you get it?
We have a wide range of bag shapes and sizes and with that seem to be able to cover most requirements.

We do occasionally have someone needing something special and sometimes can organise this.

Having said that, special orders do have a lead time of at least a month or more, require a minimum order of 10,000 units and require a non-refundable payment prior to order being placed.
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